From a Project to an Organization

During a medical trip with another Non-Government Organization (NGO) to North Korea in 2001, a great need was discovered that no medicine could fix. Several of the hospitals  that were receiving supplies of medicine and medical equipment had no source of clean water. In addition,  many of the patients were suffering from water-borne illnesses. After some investigation, it was determined that a means of acquiring a safe source of water was unavailable. A promise was made to a rural doctor at the end of the trip that one day a safe water source would be provided for his patients  at that hospital.

During that trip, seeds were planted in the heart of James Linton, the son of missionaries to Korea. Upon returning from North Korea, James cast the vision of starting a water project in rural North Korea  and his presbytery soon joined him in the cause. The same vision was cast in a sister presbytery in South  Korea. As word spread, several other presbyteries in South Korea decided to become involved. Through  generous giving, prayer, and lots of hard work, a donated drill rig was refurbished, and an opportunity arose to begin fulfilling a promise.

In 2009, after much prayer and consideration, The Wellspring Project became Wellspring For Life.  This  change in name reflects the transformation of Wellspring from a project into an independent 501(c)3 organization.  2009 marked another milestone – a promise kept. In the summer of 2009, a well was drilled at the very hospital that was promised a water supply in 2001.

Since that time Wellspring has continued to grow with a 3rd drilling machine awaiting shipment, we are now partnering with the North Korean (National) Groundwater Development Office.

It is our hope that in the years to come another promise – the promise of the Good News of Jesus Christ – will be fulfilled among the people of North Korea.