Our Work

Wellspring works to produce safe and long-lasting water sources in North Korea. Our work includes USA-based restoration of water well drilling equipment, in-country training by professionals (in the areas of advanced well drilling methods and water well construction methods), as well as day to day administrative tasks (such as networking with our partners and keeping our supporters aware of our work). We consider it an honor to be doing the work of Wellspring and we seek to labor to the Glory of God. We are thankful for being able to produce over twenty water wells in rural North Korea in the last three years. This is a testimony to the prayers and financial support of many who see Wellspring as an opportunity to show the Love of Christ  to the people of North Korea.

Past Years

2007 Proved to be a difficult,  yet rewarding, year for Wellspring.  For the first time ever, a 10 day trip was approved – an increase from the traditional 7-day trips.  The Wellspring delegation was comprised of several professionals, as well as key staff members.  The goal of the delegation was to provide on-site advanced training in well drilling techniques and to provide an overview of aquifer protection and groundwater science.  Due to limited communication with our counterparts in North Korea, the trip began with many unknowns.  A well located at the Dochi Valley School  provided an ideal training site for the first half of the trip. Wellspring’s time in country ended with one successful well drilled and another started.  Strides were taken to encourage our North Korean counterparts to continue to work.  At the year’s end, a total of four water wells were drilled.

A two person delegation was formed in 2008 to continue the advanced well drilling techniques begun in 2007.  During a 7-day trip in 2008, the drill rig was re-tooled to make operation more efficient for the North Korean drill crew.  A tool guide was fabricated to aid in starting wells and to provide another measure of safety for the crew.  Several of the wells drilled since 2007 were inspected and approved.  Several new drill sites were surveyed for future drilling after the Wellspring delegation left.  Approximately ten additional wells were drilled in 2008.

Wellspring partnered with a fellow NGO, non-governmental organization, on a trip to meet with our North Korean counterparts to discuss the ongoing drill program and to survey new sites for water wells.  New drill bits were brought to the North Korean drillers along with additional supplies to provide for their continued efforts.   We discussed methods in chlorinating wells and water quality testing. Fourteen water wells were drilled and completed in 2009.